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About Nzsneaker.co.nz


our story

Nzsneaker is your one-stop destination for all things sneaker. It's a celebration of the art of sneaker design and the undying love of sneaker collectors. It’s a place where sneaker addicts feel understood. At Nzsneaker, colourways, prints, materials, tech, stitching, styles and shapes are the topics of conversation.

Sneakers are king, so we let the sneakers sing. Everything in store and online is paired back and neutral; an uncluttered platform that allows the inspired design decisions made by the world’s best sneaker designers to pop.

With a unique heritage spanning over 35 years, Nzsneaker.co.nz focused their passion of the footwear industry to create a place that trades solely in sneakers. But not just any sneakers. We wanted to give the New Zealand sneaker fraternity access to the most sought-after sneaker brands in the market.

Nzsneaker is stocked with top-level product including Nike, adidas and New Balance, to name but a few. From iconic brands to niche labels, design classics to one-off exclusives, Nzsneaker delivers.

We’re all about the sneaker.